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Welcome to Witches Lantern.
All are welcome who come with open heart and mind.
If you are not yet a member sign up today and come sit by the hearth as we open the fireside chat. Smile
BB, Witches Lantern

Feel free to re-join at our newest site Smile
BB xx
Witches Lantern
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Forum open to all Witches & Wanderers!

Pagan forum open to all witches and wanderers. Log in to access all forums and chat room for friendly open discussion. BB, W.L. Admin Team.

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About Witches Lantern

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Blessings to all!
Witches Lantern is a social networking site for all. Though pagan-based WL is run by both an eclectic witch and an atheist. Here you can find anything and everything about everything! That is to say, here at Witches Lantern we discuss subjects concerning pagan stereotypes, wiccan traditions and even the darker side of magic...
No religion is unwelcome, as long as you stay within the rules you can have a ball!
We respect members privacy. If we feel this privacy is threatened we will take steps to limit the access upon the site. As long as everyone keeps within the rules and do not misuse content posted here, this should not be a problem.
All are welcome here, we wish only to bring together those who are open-minded and who wish to share and discuss each others views in an open and friendly environment.
We as the Administrators can and will restrict or ban any members account should they not follow the site rules. NO FLAMING, TROLLING, OR SPAMMING!
This site is moderated to ensure all members enjoy the site without incident.
Any questions which the forum cannot answer, members can contact either Pythia or Bram (Administrators), or Tiamat (Moderator).
If you are a guest, please feel free to post any queries you may have in the Guests Inquiries forum.
There are many more forums which become accessible when you become a member as well as the chatbox where we hold our discussions. 
Once you join up, let the fun begin!

Merry part, Pythia XXX

About Witches Lantern Fotofl17

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